Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

                     Festive table with homemade caramel and chocolate dipped marshmallows

Horror movies, costume parties, haunted houses and candies galore...a little something to suit everyone's fancy. Having not grown up with Halloween, I am always surprised by the magnitude of excitement leading up to the big day. My curiosity, however, trumps my surprise.

To Wear a Costume, or Not to Wear a Costume?

I am fascinated by the creativity behind some costumes and am tempted every year to go all out and dress up, but end up conjuring an excuse. This year I took one step on the ledge and purchased a purple wig! Who knows, maybe next Halloween I'll immerse myself fully into the festivities.

Trick Or Treat!

Seeing the smiles on your kids faces as you take them around the neighborhood is priceless. But the time spent greeting other parents and designated Trick Or Treat chaperone's is a sweet reminder that we are all part of a bigger community.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Business Casual 10/30/12

   Blouse Zara, Boyfriend Jeans BCBG Generation, Belt Cotton On, Shoes Toms Wedges

                                             Handbag Michael Kors

                                              Earrings S.Y.L.K.

The lace blouse is feminine enough to soften my jeans, which are a must for business casual! The spike- shaped earrings add edge to the outfit, and hair styled in a side bun keeps the look from being too severe. The Hamilton handbag by Michael Kors is a great staple for any woman's wardrobe.

Business Casual Dilemma

If one has been dressing like a high-powered business woman, albeit whilst holding a mid-level position at a corporate company, and one's manager suddenly announces casual attire for the remainder of the year, one is almost put in a state of fashion panic!

I sat there, listening to the cheers of joy coming from my coworkers' cubicles, but at once I felt a burden. Gone are the days of clean lines and tailored jackets. Or so I thought.

For anyone else in this predicament, I am hoping the outfits I post will help inspire you with choices that are appropriate enough for the impromptu business meetings that suddenly appear on your calendar, but also casual enough that you won't have 10 people a day asking if you're interviewing for a new position!

LA Fashion Week Part 1

On October 13th 2012, multiple designers were able to use Concept Los Angeles Siren Studios  as a platform for introducing their Fall fashions. Among the featured designers were Aeneas Erlking, martin MARTIN and Paul Redmond. Popular pieces of the day showcased Aeneas Erlking for her feminine and sexy clothing. The models were adorned in rich plum colors, metallic accents, and lace panels. Erlking has created an edgy mix fit for a modern day Princess.

Following the show was an installation by Paul Redmond. Neon colors provided a visual punch to the plain landscape of the model’s smocks and surrounding show area. It developed futuristic elements with the addition of an ipad visibly placed in the front of a model’s jacket. Standing on the outskirts of the installation one almost feels as if she were observing an exhibit inside a vast warehouse but with the strange mix of thumping club music.