Thursday, April 24, 2014

Team Selfie?

                                         "Two things I can't stand; trends and selfies." - Coco Rocha

plural noun: selfies
  1. 1.
    a photograph that one has taken of oneself, typically one taken with a smartphone or webcam and uploaded to a social media website.

I'm going to be completely honest, I always cringe at the typical duck face selfies. There's absolutely nothing even remotely flattering about them for starters and then on top of it they seem rather pretentious. I find myself more accepting of the fun joy filled selfies that Eva Chen always takes. It was great to hear both Chen and Rocha speak on this topic at LuckyFabb. Chen being for the selfie and Rocha against it, claiming that you may as well just work up the courage to ask someone to take a picture of you. I'm on the fence with this...I mean bathroom selfies with new blogger friends is fun!
Tell me this; are you Team Eva Chen or Team Coco Rocha?
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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Boss Lady

As you know I wore this outfit to a meeting I had with the Chief of Staff for Congressman Schiff. I needed to be professional but I didn't want to lose my sense of style so I mixed patterns in a very subtle way. I'm feeling very Boss Lady!
Have an amazing day, xoxo Tasha!

OUTFIT DEETS: Theory dress from TJMaxx, Shirt from London, BCBG Heels from Marshalls
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Friday, April 18, 2014

Petits Fours

This is me doing my best "Boss Lady" impression. I had the most amazing opportunity to meet with the Chief of Staff for Congressman Schiff to discuss the ongoing persecution of Bahai's in Iran. I'm not able to share details about the meeting but am grateful that members of the community are open to hearing what is happening to the Bahai community. I hope to soon share a link on my blog that will allow you to learn more about the Bahai Faith as it is so dear to my heart. I've had another busy week between work, meetings and apartment hunting. I mean seriously I forgot how hard it is to find a place that you can really call home, especially in Cali. Rental prices are astronomical and if you take one step to the East or the West depending on the city all of a sudden you end up in a really shady area. And I don't mean a street lined with lot's of trees! I hope all of you have an amazing weekend...if you miss me you can find me on Instagram @PolishedPractical_Style
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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Coachella Inspired

Let's face it, unless you work for a rockstar Coachella fashion is not exactly everyday attire. The relaxed, carefree vibe some of the outfits give off send me into my dream world though, so I decided to put a little Polished Practical spin on this weekends fashion and voila! I would love to hear what you think... xoxo Tasha
OUTFIT DEETS: Top & jeans T.J.Maxx,Steve Madden heels from Marshalls and bag from Nordstrom

Friday, April 11, 2014

Petit Fours

This is about the best time ever to scream TGIF!!! No joke this past week has been overwhelming in both good and bad ways. I somehow juggled a conference, market updates for my 9-5, being utterly sick and balancing all of my kids activities!
If you follow any fashion bloggers from SCAL you'll know by now LuckyFabb took place last week. #bestconferencever Events like these are always so much fun but I feel like there is this big misconception about bloggers. Trust me we don't walk around all day soaking up the sun and drinking latte's. Most bloggers still have to work 9-5 jobs to pay the bills, but continue to blog to fulfill their dreams or to create new opportunities. But in the end there's something utterly satisfying about snapping a beautiful shot in the midst of chaos.
Yes this really happened! Cheesin with Eva Chen and January Jones
T'ai Chi showergel C/O Rituals & Luckyfabb - I already know what you're did shower gel make my petit four list? The smell is absolutely divine and evoked memories of summer days spent in Kent, England. Have you ever smelt something so good you can't help but smile and be happy? Cheers to an amazing weekend! xoxo Tasha

Thursday, April 10, 2014

LuckyFABB Recap

LuckyFABB is a must if you are a fashion blogger. There is no other place you can go that allows you to truly be you, learn more about your craft, connect with people in the industry and make new blogger friends all at once! LuckyFABB is a conference that shows appreciation of beauty and individualism at it's best.
As a writer I really look up to Eva Chen, Editor in Chief of Lucky magazine. She is a joy to listen too and has definitely mastered the art of interviewing people. As well as hearing Sophia Amoruso, Founder and CEO of NastyGal we also got to see Nicole Richie and Coco Rocha, all very successful women.
Blogger Aimee Song spoke on the 'Next-Level Personal Style' panel. The ladies are having a little Selfie action here. Sorry this isn't that clear I didn't have a good angle from where I was sitting.
They put us to work too! ;) One of the vendors was using bracelets to aid families in Guatemala so they gave Luckyfabb bloggers the opportunity to make their own.
Got my nails styled by @whitneygnails (she's amazing)!
My original blogger crew, the lovely ladies of She said He said and From Carpools to Cocktails. LuckyFABB wouldn't be the same without them! #Bloggerbesties
New editions to my blogger family - Patricia of The fashion cookbook and Martha of Sun Fun Fashion. These two are the sweetest young women ever! Having only met me the day prior they took care of me at the blogger brunch when I was so sick. I'm lucky I even got this shot in as I was just focused on not passing out the last day of the conference! #bloggerbesties

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Sexy Hair - a Pre-Fabb Soiree

The night before LuckyFABB started( aka blogger heaven) I was invited to a Pre-Fabb soiree with Sexy Hair. The theme was Hollywood glamour and boy did I feel it, thanks to stylist Jenifer Mikel. The set up at Duplex on Third was cool( I definitely recommend it for throwing parties). We had the upstairs to ourselves which meant lot's of mingling and making new blogger friends! In the words of Marilyn Monroe "Who said nights are for sleep?" Have a FABB Sunday! xoxo Tasha
My before and after pix! We were channeling Christina Hendricks/Madmen look. What do you think?
It's always fun getting to meet fellow bloggers in person that you've been following. Hi FashionablyLo!
Making new friends with SunFunFashion :) #bloggerbesties
G!!! Always love seeing this smart woman from the Sexy Hair team!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014


Come on SoCal, all these bloody weather changes have my wardrobe set up in limbo. By now the winter clothes are usually packed tightly away in storage boxes but this week I find myself digging into the archives to grab a few warmer items. This faux vest is proving to be a major player in my wardrobe. Similar versions can be found here and here.
OUTFIT DETAILS: H&M blouse, Ann Taylor Loft vest, Levi's jeans, Steve Madden boots and Longchamp bag