Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Interview with a Hair Stylist

I think there's a secret clause all hair dressers sign that states must be sweet and endearing - vital part of job. I've yet to meet an unkind hair stylist and Sarah Buchanan ( @bearbeezybeauty) is no exception. Buchanan kindly agreed to give us the scoop on getting runway models ready for a show, after all hair itself is an accessory!

Polished Practical: I’m here with Sarah to basically get to know how it all works being a hair stylist for a fashion show…are you faced with lots of limitations?
Sarah Buchanan: It varies, there’s a head stylist like there is tonight who definitely does tell us what to do. Other shows there is no limitation, they tell you do whatever you want to do and we go right ahead and do what we want too.
PP: So for a show like this do you practice a lot? Have you been working with the models already?
SB: I’ve never worked on these models or done runway before. I’ve done like photo shoots. But yeh once I find out the actual direction then I’ll normally practice just to make sure that everything is perfect the day of a show.
PP: Are you doing hair and make up for the Beatniks fashion show?
SB: Hair
PP: Is there a different kind of pressure from doing makeup?
SB: No I actually think hair styling is easier [giggles]
PP: than make up?!
SB: Yeh I do
PP: I mean I can’t do either so…[impressed chuckle]
SB: I enjoy both!
PP: In regards to it being a fashion show obviously you’re on crunch time right? Is the fast pace nerve racking?
SB: It’s always nerve wracking, always.
PP: How do you prepare for something like that?
SB: Umm, I drink a lot of coffee! Because then your nerves are already going. That’s about it – I kinda just go with the flow.
PP: Ok what would happen say you’re doing a style and it’s not quite working out but you need to get them out onto the runway.
SB: I improvise and if I can ask somebody for help. I’ll definitely ask. I don’t see a problem with asking for help.
PP: Nice.
For hair in a show like this how many looks are typical?
SB: I think they’re choosing one style well one style for long hair and one style for short hair.
PP: Oh ok [totally expected her to say more than one here]! Do you work on all the models?
SB:  I’m not too sure yet. I’m going to be told who I’ll be working on but once we finalize the two looks that stuff will work itself out.
PP: There’s 10 models, so how many hair stylists are there?
SB: There’s three of us tonight. But I think it’s going to be four of us.
PP: Do you usually work with a head stylist or is this new for you?
SB: Normally I’m solo.
PP: This must be fun then?!
SB: It’s fun! I love working with different people all the time.
PP: Perfect, thanks girl
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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Hey DJ keep playing that song

Stellarroar Photography
Always focused whether it's before or after the show

Meet DJ Ruckus - the man who keeps the models on track, and the audience fired up in their seats. 

PolishedPractical: How much creative flow will be yours with the music for the Beatniks fashion show?
DJRuckus: Well for this show Ajai actually gave me a playlist to use but for the after party I have the freedom to play what I want. I’ll be playing off of her era that is focused on in the show.
PP: Do you collaborate with the performer?
DJR: No we’re completely separate, I keep the flow of the show going, the transitions between the models walking.
PP: What influences your music choices?
DJR: My natural instinct; I collect amazing songs and go off of the audience and theme of the night.
PP: Can’t wait to hear you out there.  
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Monday, February 16, 2015

YSL, Prada & Gucci: Jewels of the Week

Saint Laurent 'Tribute Sandal' $925
Gucci 'Canday' Leather Thong Sandal $850
Prada - Double Band Suede sandal $690

I've been gushing over the YSL tribute sandals all weekend and it hit me that for a woman our shoes can make or break our outfit, take it to the next level or make the entire evening miserable. The price tags are not very practical but it's Monday and Monday's are made for dreaming. Which one would you wear? 
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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

The Brow Guru

Now that's a makeup table!
Working her magic on one of the models
Discussing what looks the models like
Photo Credit: Stellarroar 

On Instagram you know her as the Brow Guru (@LeslieTheBrowGuru) but I got to see her as makeup artist extraordinaire for the Beatniks fashion show. If you think it's hard just getting ready with your girlfriends before a night out, try working on 10 models under a intense timeframe! Somehow Leslie makes it all seem so easy in our interview we did the week of the Beatniks fashion show. 

PolishedPractical: I’m here with Leslie, who’s doing the makeup for the fashion show. For a show like this, how many looks are typical?
Leslie: Typically we try to pick at least three looks and try to narrow it down to maybe even two. It just depends on how long it is, but this is pretty normal size, so two-three looks.
PP: Ok and then when it comes to you picking them – are you doing all that or do you collaborate with the designer?
L: The designer usually will show me her prints and then I’ll usually come up with something. This is more of an era style so like right now we’re doing a run through and then she’s going to pick the one she really likes. We’ll probably for times sake pick an easier one to do and just go from there.
PP: Oh ok and on the night are you switching up their makeup with different looks or you just do it at the beginning and then your doing more touch ups.
L: More touch ups for this event. They’ll definitely be a lot of touch ups and there’s a lot of girls.
PP: I noticed you had all the models around the table and you had them looking at some papers, what is that? Are you giving them options to see what they like?
L: Yeh we’re kinda giving them more options of what they wanna do. At the end its pretty much up to us but if a certain girl likes a certain look then I’ll try to go with that. But these are all just tests more than anything.
PP: It’s a show so obviously you’re restricted by some kind of time limit. What happens if you ever go over time, how do you handle it?
L: It’s stressful. Being in the industry so long you just have to wing it and I mean its just time management. You gotta let out the models you’ve already finished and do whatever you can do. Maybe conceal a few things here and there, throw some foundation, throw some lip gloss on and some lashes and that’s it. You know, lets go!
PP: How long before the actual show starts do you start working on the models?
L: We’re literally still working on them as the first model goes out. As one models going out we’re finishing the next one and then the next one. We usually try to give each model at least 30 minutes so we try to give ourselves five hours which should be enough time. There’s going to be five or six makeup artists so it should work out.
PP: And this is pretty standard size, 10 models?
L: Well obviously not for a big shoot like a designer house but for something like this, that’s more of an up and coming runway show 10 is pretty normal.
PP: Nice, thank you for giving us a little behind the scenes knowledge!
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Tuesday, February 10, 2015


OUTFIT POST: Cotton On top, Loft vest, Joe's jeans(Nordstrom Rack), Rag & Bone booties/Dana Davis heels(TJMaxx)

Ok need your advice! Which shoes look better with this outfit - the booties or the sky high heels? Anyone?
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Monday, February 9, 2015

H&M Jewels of the Week

3-pack bracelets $7.95
Chunky Necklace $24.95
11-Pack rings $7.95
6-Pack Rings $5.95 

Current mood I'm in - major layering! H&M simplifies the act of layering by selling packs of jewelry! Dirt cheap too, can't beat that on a Monday morning. Time to grab coffee and tackle the day!
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Saturday, February 7, 2015

JohnJulian at Beatniks

JohnJulian getting their poses down

Warming up before the show

Music can move your soul, wake you up, energize you, and soothe pain; it's a force in itself. It is no surprise then that JohnJulian was asked to kick off the Beatniks fashion show in LA. Check out my interview with the laid back not to mention fashionable duo ( check out that studded jacket). 

PolishedPractical: Is tonight something you do on a regular basis, you know fashion shows, or is this a new thing for you?
JohnJulian: This is our first fashion show actually, we just started performing together this year so…
PP: Oh my
JJ: Yeh [smiles knowingly] we did the Roxy, Whiskies, the House of Blues, Viper Room…that whole little Hollywood type of thing. We took a break for a little bit, cause we’re trying to get our band together, we’re tryin’ to really figure out who’s gonna be in the band fa’real. Each time has been a new line up, we’ve added pieces every time. We’re in the process of dwindling it down to just two or three extra pieces outside of us, so a drummer, urr a base player, maybe an instrumentalist, but yeh this is our first fashion show. It’s just me and him tonight, acoustics.
PP: You named some pretty serious big time places that you’ve performed at so then does it feel different coming here and setting up, and being around fashion people or is it just the same for you as an artist because you’re performing?
JJ: I mean each time is going to be different. Different feeling, different day, different spirit, different vibe, different people (you know what I mean). Some of the same faces, but ultimately each experience is going to be different so this one is definitely going to be different. But I’ve never been in a spot like this – type of rented out loft type of environment.
PP: I really like the vibe.
JJ: Yeh it looks cool. It’s a dope little vibe. It’s a cool spot to perform.
PP: When your asked to do something like this do you have all the creative freedom or are you told “oh I want you to perform these songs/this style of music”?
JJ: Fortunately for this one they just wanted us to come sing some songs so it was kind of up to us how we wanted to do it. We thought it would probably be cool to do two songs, scaled down version of a couple of our records.
PP: Ok if people wanted to hear more from you where would they find you?
JJ: Right now they just have to stay tuned and look out for us. John Julian – it’s a name you won’t forget.
PP: Are you on social media? Tell us how we can find you.
JJ: Yeh we’re jhnjln. JohnJulian without the vowels.
PP: Thanks, good luck out there!
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