Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Table Setting Ideas

My favorite part of having guests over is getting creative with the table setting. There's no point sweating over a hot stove making every Thanksgiving dish known to man only to plop it on the table. Think about who your guests are and come up with a theme based on their likes. If there's going to be a mixed number of adults and children the chalkboard place mats work great for side games of tic - tac - toe and doodles. Having a table for the adults and another for the kids? Make the distinction in decor. Fresh seasonal fruit and rich colorful ribbons work perfectly for the Holiday. Get the kids involved by having them spell out the children's names with their scrabble pieces. For those of you that are feeling overwhelmed with the thought of an entire table setting try adorning each guests chair with festive ribbon. Whatever you decide to try, remember to take a step back and appreciate your surroundings. Enjoy having the day off my loves. 

Happy Thanksgiving! 
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