Saturday, January 31, 2015

Black River

OUTFIT DETAILS:Dress & sweater -Cotton On, Boots- Michael Antonio, Jewelery - Forever21, Watch - MK

 When I saw my sister at a kids birthday party dressed so effortlessly I immediately cornered her for outfit details and took on the role of crazed paparazzi. This look is light on the wallet but every busy woman's saving grace. Choose a simple maxi ( TJMaxx has racks of them) and layer a couple of necklaces to add a little punch to it. Hope you're all enjoying the weekend!
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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Beatniks Models

Over the next week I'm going to take you into the world of fashion - exploring behind the scenes of a LA fashion show with exclusive interviews from an up and coming designer, a hot new artist duo and some of the It girls of makeup and beauty. Of course a fashion show would be nothing without models! Grab a cup of tea and read what models Jessica and Brandi have to say about prepping for the catwalk.
Photography provided by Stellar Roar Creative 

PolishedPractical: What do you do as part of the show?
Jessica Nguyen: Well I’m a model. I’m also a part of the Brands Look Book. I guess I’m their face.
PP: What does that mean then to be part of their Look Book?
JN: It’s for other boutiques, they see through the Look Book how they’ve styled me. That’s what the Look Book is all about – how to style and wear the brands clothing.
PP: For the fashion show you’ll be walking the catwalk, how do you prepare for this?
JN: Oh, this is my first show to be honest and I’m quite nervous. But umm what I do in the beginning is I get in the mode, like pray first. And this is such a gift, like an honor to be here so I think of how lucky I am to be here and then I’m going to try my best.
PP: So obviously, you’re used to being in the spotlight because of working on the Look Book.
JN: Umm I’m trying to channel what I’ve done outside to bring it in here. The fierceness, what the brand maker wants of course, and hopefully I get it all right [giggles nervously]. I know I’m going to be shaking a lot so hopefully praying will calm my nerves!
PP: Is there an outfit that you’re really excited about wearing?
JN: Oh one of the outfits is a shift dress and is plaid and grey and really, really beautiful. You can wear it in the Fall, in the Spring, it’s very versatile, great for work, great for evening.
PP: I love a plaid look, one of my favorites. Thanks Jessica!

PolishedPractical: I’m here with Brandi and she’s a model for the Beatniks fashion show. Brandi how do you prepare for a show like this?
Brandi: Well I just go to the corner, to myself and just pray. I’m a religious person so I just pray that everything goes smoothly.
PP: Oh perfect, I’m religious too so I get the whole praying beforehand. That’s what you do on the night of but do you have little things that you wanna practice – your walk, or smile and things like that?
B: It’s just whenever I get the chance, like if I’m walking to my car I’ll practice my walking. Or if I’m at the crosswalk I’ll use that as a runway [big grin spreads across her face]
PP: That’s so cool, I’ve never heard anyone say that before [chuckles] I’m sure it’s like a free show for people. Nice. Have you ever worked with some of the other models here?
B: No this is my first time working with these models here.
PP: Ok is that scary sometimes, or exciting? What does it feel like to be around the different models?
B: Sometimes it’s scary but then exciting at the same time because you get to see their technique at walking. You learn from them.
PP: How much practice do you all get together before you do a show like this?
B: So far we’ve had almost six practices for two hours.
PP: Two hours each time?
B: Yes
PP: Is that typical for a fashion show, or does it vary all the time?
B: It varies, it depends on how many models there are, if there’s more it takes more time to prepare.
PP: Is there a favorite piece that you’re really looking forward to wearing?
B: They’re all my favorites, I wish I could wear what some of the other models are wearing too [giggles excitedly].
PP: Well that’s good. And do you get any say in what you wear or your just told ok you’ll be wearing this…
B: Yeh the designer kinda decides what we wear, we’re ok with it, all of the designs are great pieces.
PP: So it’s easy to do then! Great. Thanks Brandi!

Tune in tomorrow to see who I'll be interviewing next! Happy Hump Day! 

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Monday, January 19, 2015

BCBG: Jewels of the Week

Baguette-stone Statement necklace $138

Metal-spike Bib necklace $148

Faux-Leather strap and chain necklace SALE $88

Triple-Layer Chain Ring $28

Floral Armor Ring $138

If the next few days are going to be as challenging for you as they are for me well then, why not indulge in a little BCBG
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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Little Tokyo

OUTFIT DETAILS: TJMaxx shirt, Joe's Jeans, Rag & Bone booties, Dior sunglasses, BCBG purse

LA is one of those cities that no matter how long you've been living here there's always new territory to discover. I set out to spend the afternoon at the Hello Kitty exhibit with my daughter but ended up seeing so much more! Little Tokyo has so much to uncover from murals to architecture, and store fronts full of knick- knacks. Is it any wonder that an outfit post was inspired? 
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Monday, January 5, 2015

Nasty Gal: Jewels of the Week

Double-crosser Rhinestone Ring $20
I Still Love You NYC marbleized Drop Earrings $38
On the Ball Metal Ring SALE Price $12.60
Rock steady crystal collar necklace $40

It's the first Monday of 2015, so why not be a Nasty Gal about it…if you ever spend your time umming and urring over a purchase fret no more because the Nasty Gal site has you covered. There are suggestions attached to the description so you can get a feel for how each piece could be styled. Can't get easier than that on a Monday morning. Oh and while your at it pick up a copy of #GirlBoss, I promise you won't regret it. 

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